About Us

Lesko Clothes is a messenger for Matthew Lesko, America’s #1 Gov’t Grants Experts, to share his experience of how wearing  your heart  on the outside is the key to success and happiness.                                       

For the past 40 years he has sold many millions of books on including 2 New York Times best sellers. He was also a nationally syndicated columnist and a featured guest on hundreds of infomercials and TV shows like Oprah, Letterman, Larry King, Today Show, Leno, and Fox News.                                  

His success has been built around educating   people  about  free  money  programs while  wearing  his self-designed  clothes  that no  other  financials  consultant would dare to wear. He wears these clothes 24 hours a day .It is a lifestyle –not a marketing gimmick.

The existing system we live in is not working well for most people.  The traditional paths to success are working for fewer and fewer for us. You have to start to think of different answers in order to succeed. Lesko believes the best way to think differently is to dress differently.

Sharing this clothing designs is another  way    for him to help people know they too   can  open their hearts  and minds to finding  a new path  to happiness and  success in world that is getting  more  confusing  every  day.

Matthew Lesko